Akredytacja Erasmusa VET 2021-2027

Akredytacja Erasmusa VET 2021-2027 14 stycznia 2024 wyświetleń: 1216

January in eTwinning Project Green energy saves the world

In December we received an invitation to participate in eTwinning project, which called Green Energy saves the world. On 29 December our teacher, Agnieszka Raducka took part in online meeting on Zoom with others teachers from Turkey, Jordan, Greece, Romania, Azerbaijan, Albania. All teachers discussed about project organisation, tasks for pupils and teachers: Project preparation studies and Our activities in January. Maciej, Hubert, Mateusz W., Mateusz S, Gracjan, Fabian, Ada and Marcel are involved in this project.

At first we had to prepare Permit Documents, Information about students and their introduction on padlet.


On the next step our team prepared school board in room no. 36. In this place you can read a few words about renewable energy sources.

During publication on ESEP website we had to mark our faces :)

On 12 January (19:00 Brussels time) we took part in online Expert Seminar, which was in engish and had a topic "Renewable Energy Sources"". We could learn about wind power, solar energy, biomass energy, geothermal and hydroenergy, hydrogen energy, wave and marine current energy. Very important for us was vocational vocabulary, it was a great occasion to learn more in english. 


Hubert prepared our proposition on Project Logo. Now, we are waiting for another logos, then we will choose one for everybody. We will vote and choose one of them all.

Now we should create a poster about our project topic. Hope it will be nice job. 

``.. Yes, we did it. We had 3 posters on topic 'Green energy saves the world". Mateusz , Gracjan and Fabian created our team posters. Let's check.


We tried to use artificial intelligence to create new graphics.


The most difficult task was working in mixed national teams and using various work tools

to create a study on solar, wind, water, biomass and geothermal energy.


Feedback task was to solve a Kahoot quiz in a group. First we had to connect online via Zoomthen answer questions written in English. We managed to finish the competition in quite nice places :)


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